I can’t say enough about my sessions with Sharon. She has held such a safe space for me as I have been growing through some of the most challenging transformations of my life. I have felt love, and hope in many spaces I have never experienced before. With Sharon’s support, and guidance I have continually been able to recognize my own resistance, and move through it with more grace and ease than I have ever been able to do before. From this, I am learning how to fully show up for myself and how to embody my own inner truth, and follow my inner compass. Canada


Sharon is incredible and I am so grateful for our time together! I came to her for additional support in peeling back the layers after years of healing and within just a few sessions, I got my period back after 12 years! I knew in order to get my period back it would require emotional and mental healing, and Sharon was the exact support I needed.  Thank you Sharon, I am so grateful for you, your support and your loving way. Canada


Sharon is the TRUTH! Just did a BWRT session with her and the results were what I wanted and needed.  She was empathetic and connected with me in all ways.  I had fun while healing deep issues.  I look forward to doing more with her.  I highly recommend her and know you will be happy once you do. WA, US

I am so amazed by the clarity of your work and your diverse capabilities.  You are prepared for anything that can come up! You always know about something that can be beneficial in a vast amount of arenas.  I especially like how you value not forcing things that I am not ready for/ or feel safe for.  You are helping me an expert on my own self-mastery. 

I feel like I am in safe hands while being in sessions with you.  I trust you in your guidance and what you share is of great value to me.  You have proven this time after time! Norway



This session was amazing. Sharon’s honesty, radiance, knowledge, confidence, and empathy is unique. Sharon has shifted how I see myself and most of all she has helped me love myself again. I felt like I could be myself and vulnerable throughout the whole session. She was happy to answer all my questions thoroughly and explained the session beautifully. She takes her time and was so kind to send me additional resources that she mentioned during our session!  I’m so happy she is apart of my healing journey and she has helped me with a big part of what needs attention in my life. MI, US


I really enjoyed my somatic healing session.  It brought me relief and healing through the thoughtful prayer/meditation that flowed through.  It is very comforting for the spirit and relaxing to the mind & body.  I learned that I could put myself in a different space that would connect me to my body more. The ‘talking’ meditation also helped me feel this connection more intensely. NJ


I learned I have the power to cultivate that feeling of being held, safe, completely accepted and unconditionally loved WITHIN me.  
I am so grateful to YOU Sharon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, your support and love means the world to me. I am so grateful for you and our session together!!!! Thailand

I was privileged to have a guided session with Sharon and her intuitive capabilities are finely tuned.  Her warm and humble approach perfect.  I have since witnessed her guidance unfold magically in my life.  It is like those "aha" moments that stop you in your tracks.  I recall Sharon's channeled wisdom and guidance clear and feel only gratitude.  Australia



Sharon is an amazing person.  She is very qualified and authentic - one of the best practitioner I have met.  After one BWRT session she helped me with lack of focus.  I have ideation as a top strength and have a tendency to create new products whenever I struggle in my business.  BUT I do't need new products, I need to focus. Thanks Sharon, you did pulled me back o the road- you did so much for me.  I appreciate.  Denmark

I've just had a session with Sharon and I am feeling so calm.  She has a lovely way with people and I look forward to working with her again.  Australia



I had the privilege of receiving a BWRT session from Sharon.  I experienced her as confident, skillful and empathetic.  Through this one session a long standing issue was addressed.  Her command of this cutting edge form of therapeutic technique instills confidence and trust in the entire process.  South Africa

I recommend working with Sharon with my whole heart!  Sharon has helped me heal physically and emotionally.  Sharon is very knowledgeable and supportive in all she does.  She is a beautiful person and I look forward to our continued work together! NJ



Sharon's caring and compassionate approach put me at ease immediately.  Trust is a huge factor when embarking on a healing journey.  I feel lovingly supported when "doing the work" with this gifted lightwkrker.  NJ

Sharon is absolutely amazing! I have been seeing her for approximately two months now and the work is truly transforming my life.  She has a beautiful gift of intuition, healing, truth and so much more.  NJ



I have been blessed to know Sharon for the past 6 years! she has been my Teacher, healer, somatic therapist and “emotional therapist”. Since day one I noticed Sharon ’s kindness and willingness to help those around her. She is extremely easy to talk with and gives amazingly sound feedback that makes you dig deep into your own thoughts and emotions to bring out the best In yourself. Her focus is always on what is best for you.  She has helped with me with physical pain and healing along with emotional support! I don’t hesitate to recommend her for anyone. Especially those dealing with trauma. Everyone needs a Sharon in their life :) TX

As a fellow holistic health practitioner and mother, I respect Sharon deeply and appreciate her incredible gifts as an intuit, healer and empath. In our remote session, I felt Sharon radiating a bright, nourishing and enveloping energy in our remote interactions.  I did not share details of Hunny’s health condition with Sharon; however, Sharon picked up on Hunny’s back (she has mineralized discs), digestive issues and pointed out other specific areas that need our attention and care...she recommended practical solutions to help my dog heal – these protocols were very specific – 

Additionally, I greatly appreciated Sharon for sharing a detailed picture of how Hunny would heal physically and emotionally. NC, US




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