Therapy and Healing Modalities

To heal means to change...



A Journey Inward

Sharon's Custom Guided Talking Meditations are one of the most powerful ways to release, renew and create transformational visualizations. You are able to release judgement, get to the root of a problem, and restore harmony in one session.  

This is great for someone interested in inner child healing, or resolving physical pain.  



Private Community Who Gets It

Do you live with chronic or acute emotional or physical pain? Do you need someone to talk to who doesn't judge you over the amount of pain you are experiencing? Would you like to learn tools to learn how to live beyond pain?  Please message Sharon to see if this group is right for you!


Committed to Change

For those who are ready to commit to a minimum of FOUR hours a month of work with Sharon, for three months.  You can combine Intuitive Counseling, Harmonyum, Distance Healing and BWRT.  Additional appointments will be prioritized for the clients in this program. 

This is a great way to save money and further the commitment to your own self healing.  Click the button below to let Sharon know you are interested in this offer!

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Quantum Metaphysical Healing

Harmonyum Healing Therapy was discovered and is taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry~ Divine Spiritual Master GuruNaam.  

Harmonyum is a Quantum Metaphysical Healing treatment which uses the combination of science and metaphysics to create a completely restful state to the central nervous system.  This allows it to recover and find its way back to true health. Rest is the only way to access the power of healing any and all physical, emotional and spiritual disease.  


This is the best healing tool for those who prefer little talking, and full body, mind, spirit healing. 



Discover your own Self Mastery

With the utmost priority of creating a safe non-judgmental space for each client, Sharon uses her intuitive skills to go right to the root cause and source of concern. 


Transformation, Personal Growth, Healing, Grieving, and Emotional concerns can be messy, uncomfortable and the most challenging experience of our lives.  For some of us, we have not felt the feelings we have avoided for years because of fear of this pain.  With Intuitive Counseling Sharon creates  a safe container to allow the process to be addressed in unconditional love, hope, empowerment as we confront the markers which lead us to your expansion and personal growth.

This work is strengths based, and solution focused.  As we work together, you will heal traumas, learn to regulate your nervous system, find more love of yourself and change the lens you see the world and yourself.  


This is a fantastic option for those who have not found success with traditional therapy.  Areas of expertise, Trauma healing, Anxiety, Spiritual Ascension, Chronic Pain, Depression, LGBTQ+, Working with Intuitive gifts, Professional Athletes, Entrepreneurs, and Spirituality.   



Modern Psychotherapeutic intervention for resolution

of psychological and emotional difficulties

Sharon provides this service Worldwide.  

BWRT is designed to re-map neuropathways to eliminate negative habits, thinking patterns, and destructive behaviors due to past trauma. BWRT also helps create new pathways for success in those looking to scale and grow!  

This treatment requires little content of events or any private information.  

Specialties include, Anxiety, depression, healing from traumatic childhood, fear of success, increased sports performance, traumatic events, Imposter Syndrome, bulimia, and PTSD.  


Remote or in Person Sessions Available.

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Focuses on Internal Physical Understanding.

The body represents our unspoken voice. It stores our experiences, our emotional reaction to those experiences, including events we cannot recall. Those we are unable to express and release has the capacity to stay stagnant and are known to create illness and disease.

Words are often unable to be formed to express what lays dormant. Some of our greatest challenges are hard to explain.  At times this leads to feeling unsafe or disconnected from our bodies.  


Somatic Therapy Focusing on PolyVagal Regulation, nervous system regulation, rest digest, this is a great therapy for those with PTSD, who dislike traditional talk therapy, OR who are ready to incorporate their whole body into their healing.   

Distance Healing 

Sharon provides this service world wide.

Distance healing is a powerful way to heal mental and emotional concerns, heal illness, reset your sympathetic nervous system, release karma, trauma, emotional and physical pain, and align all aspects of body mind and spirit. Understanding everything is infinite, so is our capacity to heal.

This is a great way to get started working with Sharon.  You choose, Sharon's specialized distance healing, distance Harmonyum or Holy Fire Reiki III for your session.  Everything is energy and Sharon has mastered the capability of healing auric, physical, and energy bodies.  Sharon has studied with some of the best Spiritual Masters, Reiki Masters, and Shamans.