Let Your Journey Of Discovery Begin

To Heal and Grow from Past Experiences Finding Peace and Hope

Historically we were taught to believe that time heals all wounds, but we have come to realize this not true.  For example, we can point to individuals who suffer from PTSD, physical disease, addiction, ancestral/generational trauma, relationship issues, societal oppression, division, spiritual crisis, and mental illness.  This is a tragic and painful misconception that actually interferes with our healing and wellness.  The truth is, we may not have caused the experience, but we are responsible for it's healing. 



The Path to Unconditional Love, Wellness, and Connection

There is more information inside your body than in the most profound philosophical text. Our bodies represent the storage of the unspoken voice of our emotional experiences, many of which we can not recall or remember, yet they are still very much still alive and well in our cells.

I am Sharon Land, A Holistic Psychotherapist, Coach, Somatic Therapist, Healer, and Intuitive whose passion to provide a safe, open-minded and service-rich environment goes far beyond traditional healing and therapy. Using a blend of clinical, neuro-scientific, somatic,  and quantum metaphysics our work is fast, transformational, and powerful.    Working with me you will immediately understand that the possibilities to become your own best self are equally as important as your capacity to heal any and all things.  Both are as infinite and unique as you!  My training, specializations (see about me page), certifications, and degrees, along with years invested in understanding the mind, body, and spirit connection combined with my own personal physical and health journey will provide us with a treasure trove of tools to call upon.  The space I hold for my clients is INCLUSIVE of all individual identities, culturally inclusive, and anti-racist. 





A journey inward

In person or remote session, Sharon's Custom Guided Meditations are one of the most powerful ways to release, renew and create transformational visualizations.  You greet uncomfortable physical and emotional experiences in a safe and beautiful way. Check out the testimonials page for client reviews!

Living Beyond Pain Weekly Group

Do you want to be part of a private online community who understands?

Do you live with chronic or acute emotional or physical pain? Do you need someone to talk to who doesn't judge you over the amount of pain you are experiencing? Would you like to learn tools to learn how to live beyond pain?  Please message Sharon to see if this group is right for you!


For Those Committed to Change

For those who are ready to take the plunge and commit to A minimum of FOUR hours a month of work with Sharon, for three months.  Additional time will be prioritized for the clients in this program.  In addition, each client has direct access to Sharon in between sessions.  Discounts from regular hourly sessions are part of this program!




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