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Historically we were taught to believe that time heals all wounds, but we have come to realize this not true.  For example, we can point to individuals who suffer from PTSD, physical disease, addiction, ancestral/generational trauma, relationship issues, societal oppression, division, spiritual crisis, and mental illness.  This is a tragic and painful misconception that actually interferes with our healing and wellness.  The truth is, we may not have caused the experience, but we are responsible for it's healing. 

Heal and Grow from Past Experiences Finding Peace and Hope


A six week, transformative wellness program customized to you, for you. 

Sharon Jean Land

Sharon Jean Land is a Holistic Psychotherapist a Spiritualist, and an intuitive healer who provides a safe, inclusive, open-minded, and service-rich approach to facilitate healing for her clients.  Using a blend of clinical, neuro-scientific, divine spiritual wisdom, somatic, and quantum metaphysics, Sharon creates a therapeutic experience that is as efficient as it is transformational and powerful.  

Working with Sharon, clients reach new inner heights and open up to and embrace the concept that healing is change, and lasting change comes from your mastering the belief and practice that you can heal any and all things.

Sharon Jean Land is a spiritually-led, trauma specialized psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  Sharon is also trained and certified in other healing modalities, including Poly Vagal regulation, BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Somatic Therapy, In person and Distance Healing, Harmonyum, Holy Fire Reiki III, Equine Therapy, Professional Athlete Coaching, Crisis Counseling.  

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