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The Thrive Method is a result of thousands of successful 1:1 and group work with clients, years of training, spiritual practice, cultural immersion, progressive energy healing, neuroscience, clinical therapy and counselling services. Thrive is the method I walk my clients through for the ultimate way to heal from their past experiences and finally be able to experience life in full expression and harmony.  

Each week includes a three method approach which includes a 75 minute 1:1 session, distance healing session, check in, availability in between sessions for integration that results in therapeutically treating physical and emotional pain and underlying trauma.  We address and heal, energy, emotions, perceptions, and create a greater connection to spirituality that is meaningful to the client. The results takes you from who am I ~ to I AM.  

Trauma Healing

When we experience trauma, it creates a divide between personal safety, health, and the lens we view life.  Trauma is another way for identifying the result of experiences which has created disease in the physical, energetic, and emotional bodies.  


When I help my clients identify and heal trauma, we go to its' source.  This is life changing for you and those around you.  The best part of this healing for you is we create gentle, direct, safe presence.  There is likely nothing that I haven't seen, or guided others through, and my expertise in trauma healing cultivates a positive and empowering experience.  


Life isn't always easy, and healing work most definitely is not. When one thing is out of balance, all things have to work harder.  This work explores all parts of you, dark and light, and allows you to find harmony with every part of YOU.  This healing transforms you into a greater expression of your whole self.  


 If you are here, you are a truth seeker, and at times this is not easy to navigate on your own.  You can find harmony with all things, within and throughout.  Sharon believe's each person's healing is fast tracked by somatic and vibrational healing.  As Part of the THRIVE method you will receive a weekly distance healing and chakra clearing.  These healing help you release, align and balance your energetic, physical, and spiritual bodies.

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Rewiring Your Neural Pathways

The science and metaphysics of healing. To fully embrace the universe, we must embrace true science and its mental capacity Everything in the universe is mental.  Using methods unlike anything you have experienced, Sharon heals areas within the brain that are affected and you create new neural pathways.  


We match emotions and cognition which results in your  healthy brain and body coherence.   You can say goodbye to living in survival mode.  It's time to heal traumatic experiences so you can move on to a life full of your true expression.


Many of us have a preconceived notion of how we define intuition.  Yet, most are not using our intuition to its fullest capacity.  In the THRIVE program, all of our work together organically brings your intuition to the surface.  

Part of unveiling your intuition involves you understanding your own built in programming.  Your intuition is the expression of who you truly are.  It is your individual wisdom.  This wisdom involves understanding the seen and unseen.  You will learn to understand your inner voice, which comes from all (six) senses and decipher between fear and trust in all you do.  

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Venus Bridging Two Worlds

What does Venus have to do with it?  Everything.  In Divine spiritual wisdom, the planet Venus is responsible for bridging the physical earth to the higher realms.  Venus stands for Harmony, Beauty, Balance, Relationships, Health, Abundance, Creativity, and the embodiment of flow.

Working with Sharon to understand your unique planetary influence, universal spiritual wisdom, and the universe helps you to increase your energetic vibration and increase your personal alignment.  This guides us to your healing, find your true north and abundance.  Venusian energy helps you to see the beauty in this world, which is synonymous with YOU.  


When we work together you will be empowered by  the open minded inclusive knowledge shared.  I take all of my experiences and studies and share them with you.  The more you understand, vibration, energy, how your ancestors' past experiences inform how we have arrived where we are, the more we can co create a future of empowered change.  


As a client, you will receive all the education, tools, resources, and guides to aid you in your  healing and change.  I not only teach you, but I support while you integrate and put it all to practice. This by far has been one of the most successful tools for everyone who has worked with Sharon in this way.   

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