How Attunement Protects Our Kids/ ReThinking Love

Updated: Mar 8

Attunement protects our kids in many ways and in this episode of ReThinking Love, Sharon Land will share the wisdom we need to help us understand how. Relationships have roots that dig deep into childhood, as parents, we have the ability to help our children be prepared for healthy Love & relationships. If we don't have our needs met in childhood, we are likely to have a damaging cycle of looking for it in peers and partners. Let's look at why this is and start the journey of making sure our kids are not living in survival mode, but rather thriving!

WorththeWar: Every major shift of culture has come from determined voices. Voices that can call out dangers but also shine a light on the path that will restore us! We are determined to rethink Love and relationship! WorththeWar is growing a community of voices and I hope you will JOIN US! We will continue to offer alternative approaches to Love and relationship; as well as get the information into the hands of those entering the dating world, recovering from abuse or raising little ones who will grow up and Love others! We can give them what we did not have; preparation for Love! Love is wonderful! Love is beautiful and is even more so when we mix the magic up with some solid common sense and protect some hearts! I hope you will engage with us as we make this journey!

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