Discover your own Self Mastery

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With the utmost priority of creating a safe non-judgmental space for each client, my intuit goes right to the root cause and source of imbalance.  

Working remote or in person, you create the focus and together we journey safely inwards to create a better connection to yourself, and in turn others.  You will learn how to show up in a different way for yourself, and how to embody power, truth, and your own unique fingerprint in this world.  Resilience, Post Traumatic Growth, Recovery, Health concerns, and going from surviving to thriving the goal.  


Transformation, Personal Growth, Healing, Grieving, and Emotional concerns can be messy, uncomfortable and the most challenging experience of our lives.  For some of us, we have not felt the feelings we have avoided for years because of fear of this pain.  I hold a safe space to allow the process to be addressed in unconditional love, hope, empowerment as we confront the markers which lead us to your expansion and personal growth.  

With a Foundation in Self-Regulation, Post Traumatic Resilience, Narcissistic Abuse, PolyVagal Regulation, Attachment Styles, and Somatic Experiencing.  Intuitive Counseling with me combines years working and studying with Shamans, Spiritualists, Spiritual Masters, Yogini’s, Integrative and Alternative Medicine, Astrologists, and Drs. In Psychology. 

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