HARMONYUM  |  Quantum Metaphysical Healing

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Harmonyum Healing Therapy was discovered and is taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry~ Divine Spiritual Master GuruNaam.  

Our past is stored and recorded in our spinal cord.  A transcendental healing system, Harmonyum uses the combination of science and metaphysics to create a complete restful state to the central nervous system to allow it to find its way back to true health. Rest is the only way to access the power of healing any and all physical, emotional and spiritual disease.  


  • Helps disconnect from past trauma and create new patterns in the brain.

  • Creates receptivity to the flow of love, healing and grace, whose very nature is to heal and renew.

  • Nourishes and builds the intricate life in our spinal column.  

  • Dissolves deeply embedded negative patterns collected through our lifetimes.

  • Releases mental, emotional, and physical disturbances.

  • Clears deeply embedded negative patterns and emotional traumas.

  • Transforms stuck emotional energies into positive life energy.