Are you ready to tap into the Frequency of Abundance so you can expand into a life that flows, effortlessly?… Heck yes you are!


Calling Abundance!

Your Soul has Called You Here for a Reason it’s your time to shine.

Come experience our five week transformational experience with Sharon Land & Lauren Glick. 

This Five Week course will provide you with all of the tools you need to tap into higher Frequencies to create a life of Abundance!

  • Starts Sunday April 25

  • All sessions meet virtually via zoom at 9:30 am EST

  • Activities in between sessions

  • Recordings provided to anyone who can not make it live!

  • Interactive coaching every week

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The Truth is:

All transactions are energy.  When aligned with five golden habits of success, you shift from resistance to ease.  


You will have the mentorship, methods, and support integrating this up leveling  to tap into higher frequencies - receiving becomes effortless and an everyday occurrence! 

When you learn how to step Fearlessly into your Highest Self, Own who you are unapologetically and Tap into the flow of universal abundance. The Freedom you desire, comes effortlessly!

Calling Abundance is for ...

People who are so ready for the freedom, joy, happiness and money that come with abundance… but aren’t sure about the next steps to get there effortlessly, without burning out.

​People who want  to learn daily habits to stay in higher energetic frequencies.

People who are ready to transcend limiting beliefs and level up!

Your Investment

$399 for a five week Intensive

Life Changing Experience