Hi! I'm Sharon Jean Land, a guide to your own personal transformation. My services of healing and guidance transcend any traditional roles of a therapist and coach.  I have a history of clearing new pathways for myself and others, using a blend of science, clinical skills, ancient healing practices, metaphysics and spirituality.  Based on your needs, together we create a therapeutic and transformational plan and focus that are as unique as you.  I am passionate about providing each client with a safe compassionate space to do the deep inner work required for .  I focus on providing clarity, empowerment, joy, gentleness and truth.  

Through progressive and traditional methods I use all experiences including my education, certifications and apprenticeships, and gifts bestowed to me at a very young age by the universe to help others in their healing journey.  Nothing worth pursuing comes to us in a neat package with directions. My life was no exception.  However, all of the experiences and professional endeavors which include being a professional equestrian and trainer, entrepreneur, and corporate director have provided well seasoned training.  

I am a Spiritually led, trauma trained Therapist And Coach with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I am also trained in PolyVagal regulation, Sympathetic Nervous System regulation, BWRT Brain Working Recursive Therapy, Somatic /Body work, LGBTQ sensitivity trained, Multicultural  inclusive therapy, Harmonyum, Holy Fire Reiki III, Equine Therapy, Professional Sports Coach, Narcissistic abuse informed, Attachment style trained, Certified crisis counselor, Meditation facilitator, Shamanic healing trained, public speaker, And mentor. 

As a Facilitator I weave my acts of the art of healing into all and any areas the universe will allow.  Location is not a barrier for most services. My ultimate goal is to be and create a safe space to heal.  Collectively and individually we now more than ever realize this is necessary. The greatest goal is to create a healthy interdependency with the community and towards one's own self mastery.

Degrees, Certifications and Awards

  • MS, CMHC


  • PolyVagal Regulation

  • Harmonyum Healing Therapy

  • LGBTQ Sensitivity

  • Certified Crisis Counselor

  • Domestic Violence Certified

  • Multicultural Inclusive Therapy

  • Attachment Styles

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Self Harm In Adolescents

  • Somatic Regulation

  • CESMT including Lymphatic and Fascia work certifications

  • Holy Fire III Reiki

  • The National Honors Society of Leadership and Success

  • Chi Siga Iota Counseling Academic Honor Society

"My sessions with Sharon have been life changing, and I do not say this lightly.  The shifts have been so subtle and graceful, yet so profound - with the ripple effect touching all areas of my life. Sharon has made me feel so comfortable and safe that it feels like I have known her for many lifetimes. She has the ability to hold sacred space for personal growth, transformation, and enlightenment in ways I have never experienced before. In just one moment, I was able to experience a personal transformation and a release of old patterns that I was not fully aware of. From this I have been able to move forward in new and layered ways, by authentically aligning and showing up for myself with grace and compassion. I can’t thank her enough, and truly am grateful beyond words."